Get High with a brand new midsummer event on this Saturday at Wolf Creek Ski Area. When the clock starts you have 8 hours to complete as many or as few) laps as you can of either a short mountain bike loop or a short trail running loop…at over 10,000 feet of altitude!

8 hours of Wolf Creek

Saturday July 19th 8am to 4pm

Registration from 7am at Wolf Creek Ski Area lodge

8 hours Mountain Bike or 8 hours Trail Run, short lap racing.

Solo or option of Team up to 4

Wolf Creek Ski Area 10,000ft + incredible venue (ski lodge base camp)

Perfect long day’s training for your high altitude August ultra

Camping available at the Ski Lodge parking lot and for tents a mile away

No set entry fee. Pay what you want. Pay what you can. Pay it forward with GECKO

RSVP online to help us plan the day, and then pay when you get there (whatever you like), as a donation to GECKO. Credit card, cash or Check. (RSVP online, open until midday Friday)

We want this to be a FUN day out with Team GECKO and we’d love your support. Even if you can’t come out for the full day, come and do a few laps of for your favorite sport and hang out with us. Test your lungs at 10,000ft and have a blast celebrating summer outdoors.

Race Hard, Have Fun, Take a lot of Pictures and Enjoy the Fierce Beauty of the Wolf, while you Pay it Forward with GECKO.

For questions regarding the event, contact Mike Le Roux 970-398-0612 or Morgan Murri 303-475-6053 or email 

Reasons to Race

  • Do what you can. Short lap format suits all abilities, do as many or as few laps as you want to
  • Social and fun – base camp has food, music and a great vibe
  • Safe – short laps to try new things and come safely back to base camp while being in remote forest often above tree-line
  • Clif aid station – fully stocked the whole day!
  • New twist – pay what you want or can
  • Bring your own support and have it ready for your base camp return (cars parked 200 yards from the start/finish area, easy access)
  • Premier access to premium trails
  • Get outdoor for a great cause – proceeds go to GECKO programs
  • Do it solo or a team of up to 4
  • Smokin’ hot Coolmax Wolf Creek event socks on sale for $10
  • Finisher ‘Wolf’ medals made by the elementary school art class
  • Scott Slind’s famous metal artwork winner trophies – one of a kind, worth going hard for
  • Perfect high altitude training ground for your late summer racing
  • Spectacular venue and high alpine scenery at the Wolf Creek Ski Area
  • The ski lodge will be open (ablutions etc) and there will be a grill and griller
  • Racers are welcome to help themselves to PBJs, burgers and brats, crew and family, bring your lunch and grill your own!
  • There’ll be a hot water urn as well, so bring your cuppa soup or hot chocolate and help yourself to hot water
  • Camp if you like Friday and Saturday (we are), tented campsites are a mile away from the start and everyone else can camp on the parking lot
  • Higher Grounds coffee for the early birds at registration
  • DSP Pizza providing a cheesy garlic knot half way to keep you motivated!
  • Sierra Nevada cans will be at the finisher line!

Little Reminders to make Race Day fantastic

  • Crew and family should bring deck chairs, pop ups to set up at the start/finish area or can use the deck at the ski lodge
  • There’s no shops between Pagosa Springs and the ski area, so bring everything you might need to be comfortable
  • Pack gear for all weather, at 10,00-12,000ft you need to expect weather changes and temperature drops (afternoon monsoonal showers are typical of this time of year)
  • Registration is at the main ski lodge from 7am to 745am, don’t delay, get there early (it’s the largest building, left of the ticket office)

If you’ve  already signed up – thank you and here are the rules

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