Thinking about racing the Epic Mountain Challenge this year? This is what athletes that raced had to say about their experience.

helluva weekend of racing-vacation”
Joseph Gray

 “The Epic Mountain Challenge was a very well
executed event last year, bringing together some of the best mountain bikers in
the country and a few international stars. “
Josiah Middaugh

 “A challenging and competitive event with a
fun, family-friendly atmosphere.”
Travis Macy

“I left the EPIC
Mountain Challenge feeling as though I was part of a new family.
 Incredible group of participants with plenty of time to make new
friends, extremely genuine and organized promoters/volunteers,
enormous/equal prize money, and an “epic”
😉 course layout.  Looking forward the EMC 2014 more then any
other event this year. “ 
Heidi Rentz

“This was one of
the greatest races I did.  Not only was the half marathon course
challenging yet exciting (I was the runner), but the camaraderie among not only
teammates, but also other teams was wonderful and special.  Everyone was
cheering for everyone, regardless of what team they were on.  The anticipation
of waiting for results and rankings made every minute of the weekend thrilling,
yet nerve racking.  Everything about the race and weekend was something I
had a hard time leaving.”
Stevie Kremer

“Ben (Allen) and I always look to
challenge our abilities both mentally and physically. The Epic Mountain
challenge offered us a unique opportunity to go beyond our limitations in trail
running and mountain biking. We discovered a new pain and mental toughness we
had never encountered before and the competition was second to none racing
against world class multi-sport athletes all champions in their own fields of
XTERRA, trail running and mountain biking. Set in the stunning town of Pagosa Springs The Epic Mountain challenge catered well for all athletes and offered a
wonderful friendly atmosphere through out the whole weekend. Ben and I had a
blast, learnt a lot  and will be back
next year for sure!”

 “The Epic
Mountain Challenge lived up to its name. As it was truly Epic.  I have
never seen some many top quality athletes so thoroughly destroyed by a race and
yet loving every minute.”

Joshua Merrick

Mountain Challenge is a unique multi-sport stage race, in spectacular
surroundings. Make a weekend of it – small town feel with big heart and a lot
of adventure on offer.”
Dan Hugo

 “I have such
great memories from the Epic Mountain Challenge weekend! A highlight of 2013
for sure, can’t wait for 2014!”
Emma Garrard

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