GECKO needs YOU to Get Involved!

There are so many ways that YOU can make a difference to GECKO and help us on our way.

You Can Make a Donation

It’s easy! Skip a few lattes and instead make a donation to help us get kids off the couch, unplugged and outside! Seriously, that’s it. Every little bit helps.

We’ve made donating easy too! Simply make your donation here on this secure website and choose any amount you’d like to contribute and we’ll email you a tax-deductible receipt.

You Can Attend and Support Our Events

We have the coolest events, in the coolest town – Pagosa Springs. Anything from a 5km road or trail run to ultras, triathlon and an Epic multi-day race, we even have training camps. Keep an eye on our website Events page here and sign up, even better sign up with a friend or two. We’re adding events all the time so mark our events page as a favorite or keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook.
You Can Become an Event Sponsor

Can you or your company assist us with the costs and expenses of staging these events, for example equipment, signage, printing, promotion, media, food & beverage, race Swag, prizes, aid stations etc? We will make sure that we promote your business in appreciation.

You Can Complete Your Trail Work With Us or Volunteer

We’d love your help and assistance, in maintaining our trails (we’ll credit you for trail work for other events) and in assisting with our events, either on the day or in the organization. We’ll use any talents you have, all we really need is your time.

Anything Else?

Glad you asked. As a matter of fact, there are a few more things if you’re so inclined. Connect with GECKO on Twitter and Facebook. Tell a friend—wait, scratch that—tell everyone you know. Post about us in your blog. Pass along our event details, retweet or post asking people to consider donating or volunteering. After all, it’s a worthy cause. Thanks for being involved!

Morgan Murri
GECKO Founder